Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Unit (EQ, UQ, and CQ)

Idea for a unit:
My topic is computer safety and ethics. This includes: viruses, unethical use, illegal use, piracy, copyright violations, negative social issues related to use of the Internet, freeware & shareware, Internet etiquette, computer crimes, fair use laws, and scanned and downloaded artifacts.

Essential Question:
How do you behave?

Unit Question(s):
What ethics do you have on the computer?
Is Big Brother watching you (when you're online)?
Are you safe on a computer?

Content Questions:
1. Identify major causes of work-related accidents in offices.
2. Describe the threat of viruses to a computer network, methods of avoiding attacks, and options in dealing with virus attacks.
3. Identify potential abuse and unethical uses of computers and networks.
4. Explain the consequences of illegal and unethical uses of information technologies.
5. Discuss negative social issues related to use of the Internet.
6. Differentiate between freeware, shareware, and public domain software copyrights.
7. Identify Internet etiquette.
8. Define and discuss computer crimes, terms of use, and legal issues, inlcuding the use of scanned and downloaded artifacts.
9. Describe ethical practices in business professions.
10. Discuss the necessity of safeguarding the confidentiality of business-related information.


  1. Essential question is too specific.

    Unit questions are appropriate.

    Content questions are appropriate for unit.

  2. This looks like it should be a great unit for getting at student thinking. I am not sure that I agree with James on your essential question, but I might suggest "How do you behave when no one is watching?" or maybe just "Is it safe?" Your other questions seem just fine.

  3. Good suggestion. I think I'll use it. Thanks.